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Cabin bed Climb & Slide

This super cool children’s bed has it all! Sleeping safe, lot’s of play and storage space below the bed. Do

Cabin bed with guest bed

Sometimes you just need a room for it all. THE PERFECT BED for storage, sleepovers and cozy times. When your child

Closed bed front

This closed bed front or bed backside can be place on a basic bed like the art. 610(1), 5101, 5121

Deluxe slatbase

This slatbase has 28 slats mounted in a frame. The recommended maximum, by mattress distributed, weight on this base is

Extra Beach House roof

If you like an extra wooden roof on the corner Beachhouse bed, you can add this part. Dimensions: 95 x105

Family bunkbed

This “family” bed is a real bunkbed space saver. Below you will have a bed with a wide of 140

Family bunkbed with stepladder

Let functionality, design and practical storage walk hand in hand – or should we say step by step. This fun,

Fittings for a top on a 5121/5141

Fittings to assemble a top on a 5121/5141. 2 metal corner parts included. Specifications Color: White Material: Metal  Assembly instruction(s) 971  

Fittings for bed fronts

These fittings are used for the themed bed fronts, like knight or little princess, and for the closed bed front/back

Frame and slanted ladder for semi-high beds

This frame is used in the beds: 46252 / 462521 Specifications Material: Pine Assembly instruction(s) 46252

Frame and straigh ladder for semi-high beds

This frame is used in the beds: 4625 / 46251 / 47370 / 473701 Specifications Material: Pine Assembly instruction(s) 4625