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5-Zone comfort mattress

A basic mattress that is comfortable, composed of a good quality 5-zone polyether foam core. These zones provide good body

7-Zone mattress HR-foam

A mattress offering good comfort and long life. The mattress consists of a cold foam core with 7 zones providing

Basic mattress

A basic mattress with a polyether core. The mattress has cotton ticking. Due to its reduced height of 12cm, the

Bedsize reduce / folding mattress

We made this folding mattress in a special dimension, so it can be used as a bedsize reducer. This way

Latex combi mattress

This Deluxe mattress is for the ‘comfort-sleeper’ who needs perfect support and pressure relief for the whole body. This mattress effectively

Mattress cover Road Race

This very cool, playful mattress cover, is the start for many adventures. Place the mattress below a (semi)-high bed and create

Pocket spring mattress

This Classic mattress is for the ‘deep-sleeper’ who loves the spring mattress. This mattress has good support while resting –