New School Year  A well-organized personal workspace for children and their daily habits ensure more effective studying and concentration! 

The habits that children adopt from the beginning of the school year are certainly crucial to their progress and development.

Read on for a few secrets that will help children perform better and more effectively!

Room organization

This is possibly the key to getting children to concentrate. 

Studying needs to be done in a space that is comfortable for the child and where they feel at home, such as the desk in their room. Try to teach the child to always study in the same place to connect with the studying process. It is also important that there is as little noise and distractions as possible .

The space where their desk is placed should be well lit and comfortable since light is particularly important for efficiency in reading, but also for eye health.

Make sure that the room and especially the desk is clutter-free and clean. A cluttered space with various objects on it will not help the child to concentrate and thus their concentration will be adversely affected. Therefore, it is advisable to place only what is necessary for studying on the  desk. A drawer in the desk is particularly helpful since all the essentials for studying can be stored with easy access.

Desk and Chair Selection

LIFETIME’s offices are thoughtfully designed to enhance children’s learning experience, while keeping up with modern standards. With a dash of style and functionality, these spaces are perfect for young minds. They offer practical features like USB ports, a spacious and adjustable work surface, and convenient options such as a drawer and a stand for books and tablets. Plus, a simple touch of a button allows for easy height adjustment.

Discover LIFETIME’s collection of desks and find a functional desk that will accompany your child throughout his or her school years.

Accompany the desk with a comfortable office chair

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Take a break from studying

After about 30 – 45 minutes of studying our mind gets tired. For this reason, it is advisable for children to take a break from styding when this period of time has passed. Allow children to do an activity they like, such as playing with their pet, listening to some music, etc.. After this break, they will resume their studying with more energy and motivation.

Ideal study time, good nutrition & sleep 

Children should study when they are well rested  a light meal or snack before they start their studying to increase their effectiveness It is advisable not to ask a child to start studying immediately after lunch or very late in the evening – when they are already very tired, since the fatigue of the day is accumulated and there will be difficulty in concentration and perception.

Discuss with our child and agree on a time that you believe  is suitable for them  to start studying. It is important that studying does not coincide with other activities that may distract them  for example it will be difficult to study at a time when they know that their friends will all be playing together.

Also, when your  child begins to feel  tired, it would be best to stop studying. No matter how hard they try, the result will be very poor because tiredness always brings problems of concentration and memorization.

Extra tip: An ideal study-time would be after one hour of rest, as soon as they return from school.


Proper nutrition promotes healthy thinking. Small and healthy meals during the day and also a snack before and after studying will help the child’s energy, memory, and good health. 

Avoid ready-made preheated foods, sweets, chips, crisps, croissants, fried foods, chocolates, etc., i.e. foods rich in saturated fats and elevated levels of sugar. Choose healthy foods such as fruit yogurt with nuts, bread with peanut butter or honey. Good hydration with  plenty of water and drinks without sugar is also important.

Restful Sleep

A restful sleep significantly improves children’s learning and concentration.  Enhance healthy sleeping habits and create a pleasant and relaxing children’s bedroom with a safe and comfortable bed for a good night’s sleep. Your little ones will wake up in the morning cheerful and full of energy, eager for their daily activities.

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