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Single bed 140

This single bed is a great basic teenager bed. This single bed has in contrast to the 610/6101 basic bed no backside.

Slanted ladder, fronts and parts for 4-in-1 beds

These parts are used in the beds: 49611 / 496111 / 47611 / 476111 Specifications Material: Pine Assembly instruction(s) 6209

Stepladder for high and bunkbed

This part is used in the beds: 4930 / 49301 / 4940 / 49401 / 49721 / 49741 Specifications Material: Pine Assembly instruction(s)

Stepladder for low loft bed

This part is used in the beds: 4919 / 49191 Specifications Material: Pine Assembly instruction(s) 30219 220A 218A 218B 219C

Stepladder for semi-high bed

This part is used in the beds: 4925 / 49251 / 47270 / 472701 Specifications Material: Pine Assembly instruction(s) 30218 220A 218A 218B

Storage panel “The Hideout”

This storage panel can be placed on the backside of a bed with a hut bed construction, art 6340.  

Top construction for bed My Hangout

These parts are used in the Hangout beds. Consists of Art. 667A, Art. 667B and Art. 667C. Art. 667C, the bottom

Window panel “The Hideout”

This window panel can be placed on a bed with a hut bed construction, art 6340, and with bed front. 

Wood finish refresh kit

With this kit you can refresh your whitewash or greywash furniture.

Wooden tops for platform bed

If you remove the roof construction to create a platform bed out of the Lodge bed add these 4 top